Security Policy

Darkfield Will:

  • Provide and promote, as far as reasonably possible, a safe and secure environment for all users of the educational facilities.
  • To make reasonable and practical efforts to protect educational property.
  • Support everyone using the facilities to endorse the concept of a secure environment through their own conduct and behaviour.
  • Provide an appropriate level of response against criminal activity affecting the educational establishments.
  • Will challenge unauthorised individuals that are found to be on educational premises, take the appropriate action and put in motion preventative measures.

Dynamic Security Assessments

Darkfield will:

  • Conduct risk assessments and establish a level of risk on campus.
  • Outline procedures to deal with reports of crime, violence and vandalism.
  • Identify trends and react quickly to remove or reduce risk
  • Raise awareness regarding crime preventative measures within the educational community.

Darkfield Objectives

  • The key objective for Darkfield regarding security terms is to be aware of all unauthorised persons who may be in or on educational premises.
  • All such persons on campus should carry proof of identify (relevant college/university ID) and produce this if requested by security personnel.
  • Authorised persons should be aware to any unauthorised person on educational property and appropriate steps should be taken to report any suspicious activity to the security team as soon as possible.
  • Any unauthorised person found on educational property should be asked to justify their presence.