At Darkfield we know that to operate successfully within the Hotel sector requires the upmost professionalism from the employees that we provide to our clients. We have the knowledge and expertise that we believe is essential to possess in order to provide high quality hotel Security.

In today’s current climate we know that hotels in London are potentially at risk from many different threats especially given the rise of the terrorism alerts of late. Therefore the security teams that we provide are professional, are vigilant and are alert. They are also polite and courteous which is of course a prerequisite. They have the experience and social etiquette to deal with any client whether they are high profile or not and are tolerant and respectful of each individual regardless of their multi cultural and diverse heritage.

Darkfield security personnel are trained to the highest standards in order to understand the philosophy and ethos of each individual hotel; to us this is vital so that our personnel further promote and enhance the smooth day to day running of the clients’ hotel. This in turn ensures that they build a strong lasting relationship with the management and existing employees of the hotel, with all this in place this is guaranteed to create a good team ethic.

At Darkfield we like to emphasise that we strongly believe in continually providing ongoing training and support to our employees, this is crucial to the development of our security personnel and by providing this to them we are making them the best within the security industry, this is one reason why we are the envy of our competitors. Our long standing relationships with our clients reflect the consistency of Darkfields’s reputation to recognize the values of good communication and building a solid