At Darkfield we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of the Door Supervisors that we provide to ensure that they conduct themselves at your venue with the upmost professionalism, we can only achieve these high standards by putting all of our perspective staff through a very strict recruitment, vetting and profiling process to ensure that we only recruit the best individuals to best represent our company and to provide the highest service to our perspective clients.

We evaluate each individual and then provide them with additional support and training to encourage their continued professional growth within the Door Supervisor sector; this is why we flourish as security specialists. We are always looking to improve and better ourselves as an organisation and this is what sets us apart from other security companies.

We as security specialists are only interested in supplying the highest quality of security professionals and this is why all of our staff far exceeds the basic minimum standards outlined by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), this is a proactive measure undertaken by Darkfield in order to provide to you the client the best trained individual or team of Door Supervisors you need to promote, protect and represent your business.

All of our Door Supervisors within our company undertake regular re-training as per company policy. We consider this to be an investment; personally speaking this ensures to us that the quality of service that we supply is always second to none.

Our door supervisors are given additional training in the following fields:

  • Fire Marshal Training
  • HSE First Aid Training
  • Control and Restraint Training
  • National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders Training
  • Conflict Management Training
  • Head Door Supervisor Training
  • Radio Communication Training
  • IED Recognition Training

Darkfield public liability insurance also far exceeds the usual levels required providing you the client the ‘ever so important’ peace of mind to know that you are fully protected in this ever increasing litigation society.